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LIGHT BEARER silver tongue DoLp

18 EUR
Light Bearer are not stuck in any one heavy music genre, but open to everything. What i mean by that is there is no formulaic style to the songs on this album. But to try to give an idea of where they are coming from i'd draw comparisons to unconventional post metal/hardcore bands like Isis, Red Sparowes or Amenra. The two years of development of 'Silver Tongue' has brought interrelated and interwoven changes which seamlessly merge with it's narrative. Would it be ok to ue a word like 'beautiful' with such aggressive heavy music? With a personality and style well and truly all their own. The cello goes very deep on 'Matriarch', a dark slow passage accompanied by very sorrowful singing. Which leads into a crow like vocal sound on the opening of 'Clarus', but switches to a church like hmyn. These passages lead nicely into a more controntational 'Aggressor & Usurper' which has a real decent ascent and descent throughout. Like an orchestral piece this song has changes which go from a macabre sounding piano and violin. Then to real all out frenzied coarse type hardcore. The final 'Silver Tongue' starts in a completely different manner. It could even be radio friendly in the very beginning. But like a symphony it has changes from a very layererd slow pulsating heavy harcore rhythm to an ambiance with orchestral like percussion. Light Bearer have now set a high standard other band will have to struggle to match.