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The debut 4 song 12" EP from Birds & Wires. This Washington, D.C.-based four-piece outfit consists of former and current members of 1905, Aghast, Midvale, Redencion 9-11, Red Line Index and Lotus Fucker. Post-hardcore with lots of delay and sometimes echo. Recorded by Hugh McElroy (Black Eyes, Horses, Equinox, Ruffian Records) at Inner Ear and Swim Two Birds. 4 songs at 45 RPM (Dischord)

You ever call it in the air? You ever just look at a record—you’ve never heard the band before, nothing—and just get the feeling it’s gonna hit you right between the eyes, like, perfectly? That’s the feeling I got with this four-song twelve inch. One look and I was pretty sure; one spin and I was positive. That’s all it took. The songs are long and take some time to gather themselves and fully depart the station—but when they do, you’re in for the long haul. Complex, dense-but-pretty music that’s filled to the brim with a sense of place and atmosphere. There’s a working template of mid-tempo ‘90s screamo with a heavy nod to the drama and willful theatrics of Moss Icon, coupled with a more modern sense of a slowly gathering calamity that bands like Aussitot Mort and Amanda Woodward manage to nail every time. Like the fucking bottom’s about to drop out and you can’t wait for that to happen, you know? It’s a rare bit of music that really takes me out of myself these days, fully out of my own head, but these four beautiful and ferocious songs by Birds And Wires have done it repeatedly since that first listen.(Razorcake)